Last week we had a guest from at the biolab who brought samples of kombucha leather he had made!

We talked about the different ways of making it & it’s features (e.g. the one he brought had broken in the cold, even though until then it was keeping perfect leather features for 2 years! perhaps special kind of impregnation would help with that - requires hacking!), kombucha, growing SCOBY, looked at it under the microscope, and started our own SCOBY culture for our own kombucha leather!

Fresh SCOBY - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, aka “tea mushroom”, which is what the leather is made from after it grows to 1-2 cm thickness and is dried, and impregnated with oils etc:

Leather under a microscope:

We will likely continue to hacking it during upcoming biohacking Thursdays & Science Hack Day Vilnius 2018, so come along!