Eight projects were presented again:


Alexey presented a small bird tracking system he’s developing with a university. Mykita showed off their cave surveying calibration tool. Marukas showed an e-learning system he’s working on that seeks to integrate micro:bit microcomputers and Moodle – he aims to make it easier to let teachers collaborate with kids who have received the micro:bits!


Liudas brought a DIY bioreactor he plans to use while growing and researching plastic-eating bacteria. He also talked about plastic-eating organisms and specifics of plastic bio-degradation. This biohacking project won the public prize!


Ričardas from Linkmenų fabrikas makerspace at VGTU brought a Retro-Pi based arcade console and minibar he has made from various found materials – including a vintage LCD screen and Peltier elements for cooling the drinks.

Justinas and Jurgis have created a unique trilingual infotext display system for an exhibition “Pasaulis semiotiko akimis” at Martynas Mažvydas National library. They used laser-cut polarised film to switch between translations.

Egidijus from Kaunas makerspace brought his DIY flocculation machine that uses high voltage to coat surfaces with fine fur.  Here’s the Hack and Tell prize they have upgraded after Vaidas won the previous Hack and Tell with a DIY SLA printer:

Last but not least, Rokas brough his extremely low-frequency-centered portable loudspeaker. Don’t miss the next Hack and Tell on November 3rd!