Simas is helping shoot a movie and he and pwf have been developing a system
to seamlessly transfer a 16mm Arri camera from a hand-held rig inside an apartment to a camera crane outside the window. The operator needed to do a smooth take without any stops, cuts or shocks.

Simas’ idea was to attach an electromagnet onto the camera crane, a metal piece on the hand-held rig with a DJI Ronin gimbal – then the operator would simply pass a rolling camera on the crane while the grip would turn on an electromagnet, the rig would latch to the crane and the whole setup would slide outside.


The electromagnet can lift 250 kg while the rig including the DJI Ronin and camera weights only about 30kg, so that should work. They were testing if there was no EM interference from the electromagnet that could affect the DJI Ronin or the camera – things looked fine, though.

They were overloading the gimbal by 3kg, according to its datasheet, so they had to make some clever re-balancing to keep it working: as the Arri camera runs the film tape is rolling from one side to the other, thus changing the mass center of the payload on the DJI gimbal.

Here’s J. helping test the system: