IBM Chief Data Scientist Romeo Kienzler is in town and is doing a 3-hour workhop at Technarium on IoT, Deep Learning and Apache Spark in the Cloud - bring your laptop! If you cannot make it – come to VilniusPy meetup later tonight.

Romeo Kienzler works as Chief Data Scientist in the IBM Watson IoT World Wide team helping clients to apply advanced machine learning at scale on their IoT sensor data. His current research focus is on scalable machine learning on Apache Spark. He is contributor to various open source projects and works as associate professor for artificial intelligence at a swiss university. Romeo Kienzler is a member of the IBM Technical Expert Council and the IBM Academy of Technology - IBM’s leading brain trusts.

Topics include (depending on the skills on the audience):

- IBM Cloud and the IBM Watson IoT Platform

- Introduction to ApacheSpark with Python&Matplotlib

- Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

- Deep learning with DeepLearning4J and Theano/Lasagne

- Parallelizing strategies for neural network training


[Everyone loves bad neural network visualisations, from search results.]