We’re fully aware that the name of this event is unmarketable, but here’s the thing: this event is not only about kicking a dead horse of overhyped gadgets and making fun of startup ecologies. Internet of Shit hackathon is not just extra work over the weekend. There’s no disruption (except like this), enterprise, frameworks, business models, no growth and most likely no prizes, except maybe some handmade T-shirts with obscenities (provided we find a sponsor for that).

It’s about the pure joy of creative engineering, about getting together and doing something that makes your heart sing. It’s about questioning the current tech culture and the assumption that technological solutions can solve all the human problems. “In a world where we can make pretty much any object “smart”, sometimes the more interesting questions are posed when being stupid.

If your company can appreciate this and could help us keep the attendants well-fed, warm, and hydrated, we’ll do our best to thank them in public and in private.