Tomorrow we’re celebrating the Open Data Day with a hacking afternoon and a Cafe Scientifique later in the evening! We’ll have two guests talking about opening up the scientific research data:

Michael Crusoe - one of the founders of the Common Workflow Language project (

The CWL project supports repeatability of science / open data by enabling scientists to completely describe their data analysis workflows using an open and free standard. Even though v1.0 was released just this last July, CWL is already being used in the cancer genomics cloud pilots in the USA, in the digital humanities, and in radio astronomy. We are also assisting the FDA sponsored BioComput Object efforts where we hope to assist with their regulatory needs.

Vida Mildažienė - Professor at VMU Dept. of Biochemistry and Biotechnologies in the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania). will talk about the role of open science in communicating science to the general public, enhancing science education opportunities in Lithuania, and present example projects of what’s cooking in Lithuania right now.

Also – a discussion, some snacks and drinks for everybody, kids hacking luminescent bacteria at the biolab, and making of an educational video with Mokslo Sriuba!