Nikita is a caver, so he is developing a piece of open sourve caving equipment at Technarium. It is a device used to calibrate a measuring tool used in “paperless cave surveying” approach (

The idea of making it  comes from fact that usually surveying caves is a kind ofdifficult stuff, and one needs to read many manuals how to do it properly.

Beat Heab device ( greatly simplified the process of cave surveying, but in terms of accuracy it still depends on the calibration procedure, which is complicated for casual cavers.


Nikita invented that calibration device in order to simplify the calibration procedure, protect the cavers from bad decisions and guarantee the best results while surveying. He has been making 3D printed parts and heatsinks for lights at Technarium.


The main place to get info and CAD files of his tool is at

The calibration tool has also been discussed on a cavers community FB: and on reddit: