Some members of Technarium had bought a silkscreening setup (a DIY press, an UV lamp, a fan, emulsion, etc.). Gustas, Hubertas, Kristina, Meda, opit and others have put it together and prepared some screens. Science Hack Day was a good occasion to put the press into use – we made the T-shirts and swag bags ourselves!

First we printed the mirrored pictures on clear plastic sheets:


Then we applied a thin layer of photoemulsion on the screen, dried it, put the pictures on top of it, pressed with a glass piece and put into the UV cabinet for 20 minutes (we’ve calibrated the exposure time beforehand).


After exposure, opit washed the screen at the darkroom until there was no liquid emulsion left (note the white areas below). Then Urtė, Martyna, Artiom, Augustė, Kristina and the Pjezofilai team did a lot of heroic work – they manually printed 70 bags and 70 T-Shirts over a couple of days and nights.

Silkscreening paint is hardened using a clothes iron:

We’re quite happy with the quality:

(pix by opit, @seplute and Raitis).