Rokas spent the Saturday cooking.

Marinade: crushed peppercorn, garlic, olive oil, salt, dijon and a hint of balsamic vinegar.

Sauce: onions, garlic, crushed peppercorn, heavy cream, salt, whiskey, balsamic vinegar and roux.

Beef filet mignon cooked sous vide for two hours @ 60 degrees, gas-torched before serving.

Couscous as a side, because I was just too lazy to make anything else. It was just about the meat, anyway.

First impression - 60 degrees was probably just a bit too hot, but it’s really hard to tell as the meat was very lean in the first place. Still, easily flaking off with a fork, super tender, gone in seconds.

Maybe too much of peppercorn everywhere though, but time will tell. Time spent in WC, that is.

Next time: fattier meat, a bigger and whole piece, lower temperature, less peppercorn everywhere, some herbs in marinade (Provence?), wine instead of whiskey in sauce, glaze meat during torching.