opit went to the first Maker Faire Berlin today, which was held in the beautiful old ex-train station building, now better known as a club. Here are some highlights.

Rephone by seeedstudio:

The first prototypes of Ardumower, a robotic lawnmower powered by open-source hardware and software:

Here’s how it looks today:

Wooden connected toys by Matas Petrikas and J. Zubrycka:

A 3D printer made from e-waste in Togo’s woelab. That was probably the best thing I’ve seen today: lots of people do not have access to or cannot afford all the ready-made “maker kits”, new parts, components or equipment, and they engineer working, sturdy, reliable things anyway.

I forgot to mention the iFixit crew – they fight entropy by enabling anyone to repair their things and share the knowledge to do so. They had an iPad teardown in progress – lots of unmarked black boxes and intentional obfuscation, as usual from Apple.

Le Petit Cool is an open-source mini smart greenhouse. They gave us some advice regarding LED lighting of chilli plants. Also, the laser-cut electronics cases look very nice:

Combat robot (called Schnauzer) from LX Robotics:

An Arduino-controlled camera slider:

A couple of yarn-bombed bicycles:

A self-balancing skateboard with a taped-together underbelly:

An open-source, 3D printed humanoid robot. Not yet in the Uncanny Valley, but getting there.

There also was a second-hand electronics market:

Berlin’s Fab Lab corner:

Overall – as usual, the most interesting stuff came either from professional collaborations or from individual tinkerers and inventors. Both of these are, of course, old phenomena which occur and will occur without encouragement and branding. Maybe it’s just me not buying into the ‘maker’ culture as some eye-opening, world-changing thing that has been very recently invented in the USA, or maybe it does not mesh seamlessly with the serious German engineering spirit and seems a little bit out-of-place. A nice sunny afternoon, nevertheless.

Tomorrow – the Vintage Computing Festival!