miceuz started off with a LED panel dimmer he and Simonas are developing. Cinema lighting is tricky: they had to be able to change the brightness fast, avoid flicker and take human vision peculiarities into account.

Then Alexey told about his project – a light-powered buzzer that reminds him to switch off the lights at the bathroom. He’s done a huge amount of research while doing it: finding a way to power a device on indoor lighting only, designing the circuit and 3D printing a resonator for the piezo crystal.

nightshade showed the winning project of the night: drawing algorithmically-generated trees using a pencil duct-taped to a 3D printer. Here’s how a finished tree looks like:

opit brought a cake made with the habanero chillies we’ve grown. We’ve had a few beers and played with a couple of small lasers afterwards.