Thanks to Vilnius Girls Code and everyone who attended! It was a fun and cosy night.

Jurga presented the Vilnius Girls Code initiative – a grassroots community of Vilnius women in tech. They regularly meet, organise workshops, learn to code together.

opit started off by telling a little bit about the work she did during her PhD – she measured the circular velocity function of galaxies, that is, a distribution of galaxy rotation velocities in the Universe.

Monika then told an inspiring story of how she became a programmer – she wrote her first program, a cash register emulator written in C# after overhearing her friends talking about coding. She then went on to have a career in programming.

Mantas showed a Ruby on Rails system he and a colleague wrote to exhibit paintings by Albertas Šatkus online.

Bri showed a hilarious hack she devised for cutting out round fabric pieces she needed for an electronics project: she squeezed the fabric under CDs between two audio speaker magnets which held the fabric taut and firmly in place. The sole difficulty was that the magnets were pulling the scissors!

Afterwards we had an tour to the hackerspace and stayed at the electronics lab chatting, printing and soldering.  

Come to the next Vilnius Hack and Tell on 23rd October! We’re also planning a couple of electronics workshops together with Vilnius Girls Code, so watch this space.