This weekend we’ve finished off the chilli jungle Lina, opit, pwf, hroble and several others have been taking care of this summer.

We’ve shared a lot of peppers with many people.

Jankis and company marinated them with wine vinegar, honey, coriander, bay leaves, fennel seeds and mustard.

Marija also made some preserves:

Lina dried some peppers:

opit made several jars of Italian-style roasted pickles with oil and chilli/apple/mango chutney:

There was also a night of inebriated preserve making. First, some bottles of habanero oil:

Also, several different varieties of candied/roasted/pickled chillies:

Meanwhile, Dinama had smoked some chillies:

We’ll use them as chipotles or grind the peppers with salt. In the meantime we’re preparing for the next year:

If you have a spare/idle greenhouse, or would like to join the growers’ enterprise, ping us.