..that have been floating around here:

Cafe Scientifique event here in Vilnius, today at 19:00: S. Orlovas will talk about quantum physics and living organisms.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/russian-hacker-group-exploits-satellites-to-steal-data-hide-tracks/2015/09/08/c59fa7cc-5657-11e5-b8c9-944725fcd3b9_story.html (via sj)

– Astronomers share their favourite plots. This one is my (opit’s) long time-favourite as well: in physics, the ranges of magnitudes are often so large that we resort to logarithms which occationally leads to very wrong conclusions.

– In case you’re not coming to Vilnius Girls Hack and Tell on October 13th, the SciFi book club at the VU SMD basement are discussing “The Martian”.

Reverse engineering for beginners (via s)

Mario Desktop (via sj)