The best (and only) open-air this summer. Many thanks to the organisers for giving us a space, all sorts of help and for patience with our last-minute plan changes. The only regret I (opit) have is not having the time to see all the talks I wanted to.  

For some reason we arrived rather well-armed. Rokas, pwf and miceuz immediately started testing the potato cannon pwf has welded the day before. First night, shooting into the dark with a laser pointer:

Saturday, feeding the fish:

The next morning we’ve been frying eggs with the EMP weapon:

pwf has also made a vacuum cannon that shots tennis balls, here’s the setup with the vacuum pump in front. This is our Hyperloop prototype, by the way.

pwf warming up a piece of steak with the fire puffer:

An afternoon of mad hacking of the fire cannon started with nightshade, miceuz and Rokas’s attempts to sync it with the music:

Then the epic collaboration with Kaunas Makerspace happened – nightshade and Mantas patched into a switching relay of their Porno Nest and connected it with the fire puffer:

In the evening opit gave a talk about Technarium during a joint session with the Generator and Green Garage. Here are the slides of her talk (in Lithuanian).

Oh, we’ve also launched some rockets:

The next morning miceuz held an intense batch of SMD soldering workshops. The participants have tried doing what the pick and place robots do every day and soldered themselves a Chirp plant watering alarm.

Can you see the minuscule component just above the board?

The soldered Chirps, fresh from the oven:

Last, but not least, nightshade hacked our new Rigol DS1054 scope! Incidentally, opit had some bubbly to match. We’re saving it for the housewarming party of our electronics lab:

Kudos to everyone who made NTA camp happen, who gave talks, cooked delicious food, took care of the infrastructure, who came to us and had fun together! Will definitely do it again the next year.