If you’d like to become a member of the hackerspace, check out the new membership levels we’re finally going to offer.

On September 1st, we’ll have the first members assembly + new members signup this autumn. Come if you’re interested in joining Technarium, would like to talk or see what we’re doing here. New members are welcome at the meeting too.

We’ll meet to discuss current activities, tasks and plans at 19:00. Later everyone who’d like to join Technarium are welcome to sign up. Bring an ID if we don’t know you personally yet – we’ll only need to check your name and surname. Also, bring your own drinks, snacks and ideas!

In case you cannot make it in person, get in touch with us: crew[A]technarium.lt.

Check out Padirbtuvės and Green Garage as well – they’re both opening/moving into a larger venue during the next few days too!