Dinama and his fellow fishermen went to repair some fyke nets at the Curonian lagoon. Getting ready:

Their ship, Ovingis:

Drying net stakes, usually made from pine or birch. Each fyke net needs 36 of them.

This tool is called busokas by the locals. It is used to lift out the nets from the bottom of the lagoon, to pull up to a stake, move the boat around. 

It’s always present in a boat:

That’s a DIY pulley made by one of the fishermen Dinama is working with.

They use it to pull the stakes out from the muddy bottom of the lagoon.

Maintaining the nets consist of pulling them out, drying the nets and the stakes, getting rid of algae, mud, grass, branches and bird corpses that get stuck inside the nets, mending them and putting them back to the lagoon again when the weather and currents are favourable.