We’re considering making our own interior lighting using a lot of warm and cold white LEDs that pwf has lying around. Last week we tested a couple of prototypes.

Rokas and pwf made the lamps by gluing LED strips on drywall framing elements, soldering the wires and making different diffusing covers.

We’ve been testing two different LED sorts and two different covers – a frosty diffusing sheet and a sheet of acrylic glass.

We’ve tested the lamps by hanging them at Technarium and measuring the illuminances with a luxmeter.

At the end we agreed that the LED lamps feel much better than fluorescent tubes – there’s less cold, morgue-like light and the light is much brighter. The luxmeter showed that the LED lamps are brighter by almost 30% when acrylic glass covers are used.

Probably we’ll have a soldering night at Technarium and make enough of these for the whole space.