pwf has made a couple of romantic LED lanterns that light up a bridge and are powered by a DIY water wheel.

He used 4 150mm pieces of 12V cheap no-name Chinese LED strips (14.4W/m), connected in series. The generated voltage measured after a 3-phase bridge rectifier was 50V, so the total 48V required by the LEDs was almost OK.

pwf glued the LED strips to 30x30mm square aluminium tubes, soldered the bridge rectifier to the generator wires at each lamp and connected the LED strips to it.

Here’s the mobile workshop, in the trunk of a VW Passat:

The aluminium tubes fit into old Soviet lamps pwf had available.

He then welded the lantern stands from 33mm tubes. The round parts were roll bent and welded to the straight tubes. Here’s the whole system at work and the view at night. Bright enough to light a dark passage: