It’s been a busy and wet event.

– ffwd has started with a live demo of pumpensau – his DIY automatic plant watering system. 

– then ioch presented a DIY screw press he’s just finished painting yesterday. He’ll continue upgrading it, possibly making a strain gauge  and some structural improvements. A live demo involved pressing a beer can and crunching nuts throughout the evening.

Bartosh and Robertas showed a result of their art collaboration – an app that converts one’s smartphone into a sculpture. Participants could view it with Bartosh’s Oculus Rift which we’ve played with after the event.

– then Rokas showed his DIY ‘maker’s corner’ – a modular folding work furniture system he made at home after he had looked for a commercial solution and heard ‘do it your-fucking-self if you’re so smart’. He cannot purchase furniture anymore after he’d tried doing it himself. Rokas won the Hack and Tell prize this time!

ioch and nightshade brought the Orb of Death – a massive, Arduino-controlled blinking RGB LED array.

– then Bartosh talked about the Microscope – an art installation Urtė Milda, he, Vladas, Mantas, miceuz, Dinama and pwf made here at Technarium. Here’s the code.

Many thanks to all who visited, came to help, showed their hacks and stayed afterwards for some drinks! See you at No Trolls Allowed hackercamp, the next Hack and Tell at the beginning of September, or here at Technarium.

Don’t forget to visit Green Garage makerspace today!