Today’s been a busy day at the hackerspace. Mantvydas came to talk about some metalwork he’d like to do for a chemical vapour deposition project he’s working on. Kazys and miceuz did some work on LED-lit lightboxes Kazys is making for his interactive photography exhibition in Romania. Also, Dainius and Valdemaras came by – Dainius had brought a remote control he needed to solder, while Valdemaras and nightshade discussed a 3D printer he plans to build.

Then we went to visit Green Garage – hopefully we’ll make some interesting projects together! The Little Bits were fun:

Later we started preparing for No Trolls Allowed: we’ll have some space there to show our projects, miceuz is doing a hands-on electronics workshop, opit will give a talk she tried to prepare today, but was happier tinkering with beamer templates instead.

Meanwhile, pwf has been preparing something special at the metal workshop. See you tomorrow!