Crew from VarnaLab (a hackerspace in Varna, Bulgaria) write:

We, the people from VarnaLab - the free hacker space in Varna are happy to
invite you in our LAN Party called GridHourBG.

We are going to build an *independent local network for 72 hours* as a good
old LAN party where all attenders can use the infrastructure for fun or

*GridHourBG* is one of the 10 LAN Parties in Europe for this year and the
only one in our region (Bulgaria).

You can help us by joining the event or by just spreading the word of what
we are dedicated to create. Every like, share or even mail in your network
is a good start to reach people who can use this LAN party for the purpose
they see fit.

Also this is a good time to visit our beautiful city of Varna,Bulgaria as
the event will be set between 20 – 23 of August.

If you like the idea of bringing the true LAN parties back you can always
support us with any minimal donation.

We are using a crowdfunding platform to collect all of the pledges and if
we don’t reach the final goal all of your funds will be returned with promo
codes for additional discount for standard entry tickets.

So now is the right moment to support us.

You can see more information about who we are and what we do on the
following links: - official web site. - more information about the event.