Ali Eisa, a visiting artist/sociologist from London will join Technarium for a part of the summer and is organising a Design Fiction workshop on June 13th (in English):

What is Design Fiction?

Design Fiction uses fictional scenarios to envision and explain possible futures for technology. It is an approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and storytelling, combining fictions, forecasts, extrapolations or projections into visions for technological progress and social change.

The term ‘design fiction’ was first coined by Julian Bleecker and popularized by science fiction author Bruce Sterling, who describes its purpose as “the deliberate use of prototypes to suspend disbelief about change” and that “attacks the status quo and suggests clear ways in which life might become different.”

Design fiction is not just science fiction. It’s not just a telling of stories in the future or trying to make predictions of the future. Instead it is a way of envisioning and interrogating possible futures based on current trends, technologies and research. Originally used by product designers as a cheap alternative to prototyping new products, it has now become a tool allowing us to see through the fog of hype around digital technologies and think more clearly about the potential futures for technology and society.

What will the workshop consist of?

- A short introduction to design fiction using some recent popular examples including texts and short videos.
- Brainstorming and story-boarding session: This will focus on creating design fiction scenarios of the near future including the creation of: characters, storylines, story worlds (or environments) and key technologies.
- Prototyping session: We will take our newly created design fiction story boards and experiment with designing and making physical prototypes that tell the stories of technological futures.

What do you need to bring?

- Yourself and your ideas! The workshop is open to anyone who is interested.
- Maybe some extra or favourite materials for building prototypes but this also will be provided.
- Some SF or other books, images or other resources that can inspire us and help brainstorm new ideas.