opit went to Berlin Hack and Tell #35 at c-base tonight. Here‘s the list of the projects presented:

Markus – Amazon deal hunting application

ligiEthereum remote ( via JSON-RPC )

Willglitchy video capture software (Processing)

knuth has been working on a mission at opencorporates.com, an open registry of companies of the world. He has been scraping the website of the Bank of Sierra Leone and had difficulties parsing .doc files there. The solution he used was extracting the info in the .doc files using xlrd, converting to html and then parsing them with Beautiful Soup. He won the prize tonight!

bashtian showed his Google Cloud Message implementation in Go.

Then there was a project from a developer at suitepad-gmbh, which I unfortunately missed.

I’ve also lost the link to another Amazon-related automation bot that was shown tonight. This one not only sends notifications about deals as text messages, but places an order immediately.

cketti told about ShareIntentBuilder, an Android library he’s written for the type-safe creation of Share Intents.