Big thanks to FiDi47Kaunas Makerspace, No Trolls Allowed hackercamp, Padirbtuvės and everyone who came to chat, look, play, weld, ride! Hope to see you the next time!

The 3D printing enthusiasts’ corner. The middle one is a DIY printer by Nerijus from Padirbtuvės.

NTA Camp and Kaunas Makerspace joined their tables in the tent.

The Porn Nesting Box by Kaunas Makerspace.

Everyone’s favourite, classic, unbreakable electrostatic charge generator. It suffered many generations of pupils at a school and several fairs with us. They don’t make things like that anymore.

Air cannon by pwf. This time it made cabbage salad out of a cabbage head, paper confetti out of toilet paper rolls and a couple of beautiful rainbows.

Welding something abstract..In fact, lots of people wanted to try welding.

Someone brought a drone:

Elsewhere in FiDi, the VU SMD had a levitating train model:

And a Jacob’s ladder, together with a poor pickled and electrocuted cucumber:


Some carousels:

And some mad bikes: